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A founder / entrepreneur who drives inclusion and loves canoeing, trekking, history, agriculture and business models, plus having building brand and Public Relations as background. Having worked at global financial firm and global Public Relations as her previous post, Dian found Kennedy, Voice & Berliner as a Public Relations firm on 23 November 2011, which later became KVB Group. With the thought that Public Relations is inclusive, Dian set Voice of Startups in January 2012 for startups who wants to build brands and deliver it via PR and others. KVB has Grow With Impact as its soul and under the thought of growth inclusion, KVB Group has been running community pro-bono program focusing on agriculture and university students.

Dian has been mentoring startups [Jakarta Founder Institute, Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia, Plug and Play] and is board two foundations focusing on the nature: Leuser Foundation International and International Animal Rescue in Indonesia. Dian was part time lecturer at Prasetiya Mulya Business School and active at key business association, covering international relations and trade. Dian also cofound DISRUPTO and Advisor at WIR Global tech and brand company.

Daniel Surya

CoFounding Partner

Daniel Surya is the mover and shaker of Asia's branding and creative technology industry. He is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of WIR Group, a new breed of creative and innovative technology group of companies which combines branding approach with highly-interactive patented technologies. WIR Group has rapidly evolved under his leadership, from a startup into an emerging tech powerhouse serving more than 20 countries globally. With offices in Jakarta, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Barcelona & Malta, WIR Business units are focusing on two business pillars, they are, branding & technology.

The Branding units consist of DM ID; a branding strategy firm that won the US- based Rebrand 100 Global Awards in 2016, 2014 and 2013. The other Branding unit is RedSpace which is also an award-winning digital brand engagement unit.

One of the Technology units under WIR Group, namely AR&Co, has grown to be Asia's largest augmented reality company with projects serving clients globally. Also an award winning company, AR&Co has been acknowledged as one of the best AR campaign developer 2015 by AWE (Augmented World Expo) in Silicon Valley, winner at different categories during The SMARTIES APAC 2015 and listed in Innovation 40 (i40) as one of the 40 most innovative companies globally in 2014 - awarded at the London Stock Exchange.

Daniel also extended the utilization of augmented reality technology into a more realistic business model in 2015 by founding DÄV being world's first AR-based One-on-One interactive media placement company with a vast coverage from Indonesia to both Japan and the Philippines in the pipeline. During the same period, another new unit, namely Mindstores, has been established to develop the first ever AR/VR virtual store network with access to more than 100,000 virtual store owners.

Prior to his current position, Daniel served as Indonesia & Brunei Country Director of The Brand Union for 3 years. He led business operations from its set up, unit opening in Indonesia and at the same time growing the unit to eventually becoming Indonesia’s rising star agency in 2009/2010. In this capacity, Daniel was involved in branding programs for leading Indonesian companies. Previously, Daniel also served as the Chief Representative of Landor, based in Indonesia, and was responsible for more than 9 years Landor business operation in Indonesia from its initial set-up till it became one of the leading names in brand & branding business in the country.

Daniel is named the CEO of The Year 2012 by CMO Asia Awards (Singapore) and Brand Builder of the Year 2011 by World Brand Congress (Mumbai, India). Nowadays, Daniel has been invited to many prestigious events as speaker and inspirator, such as the recent Slush 2015 (Helsinki, Finland), Digital Hollywood 2015 (USA), Inside3DPrinting 2015 (Silicon Valley, USA), Business Rockstars (Los Angeles, USA) and as a member of judging panel at the 2015 Annual Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneurial Winning Woman.

Also, Daniel and his team started the year of 2019 with World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. WIR is selected to showcase its technologies and shares various topics to worldwide guests at the Indonesian Pavilion.

KVB Next Generation Leaders


Orvin Hatmosroyo

Lead of KVB Co-Venture, Technologist


Bernhart Farras

Lead of Voice of Startups

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