Our Brand

The story of KVB Group brand started back on 23 November 2011, at Jakarta, Indonesia.

It started as a Public Relations firm with Kennedy, Voice & Berliner as the original name and inspired by the speech by President John F Kennedy: "Ich bin Ein Berliner".

Kennedy, Voice & Berliner is about Voice that matters. It is about Voice that creates changes and growth. Our founder Dian liked President Kennedy, which made her use Kennedy as an appreciation to his life.

The colours are red and black to represent adventure and the stage of being solid, with white background to represent humbleness.

As time goes by and global and local business landscape change with more rapid pace and inclusive, Kennedy, Voice & Berliner changed the logo in May 2018.

The website address became kvb.global, as an abbreviation of Kennedy Voice & Berliner.

The colors are now red and white.

Red reflects our spirit of adventure and excitement to pass comfort growth in attempt to grow. The white color represents humbleness and stage of being solid, which are the essentials of learning and listening as the keys to grow.

The red and white also represents the origin of the brand: Indonesia, an archipelago populous countries with 250 million population and 50 percent is young with around 13,000 thousand islands and the flag colours are red and white.

Along with the business growth, KVB has now become KVB Group, having Voice of Startups [created in 2012, when Dian and Daniel Surya the co-founding partner on a plane during a business trip], The Wonder (focus on edutech), Paddy (KVB pro-bono program that focuses on farmers agriculture) and other joint venture and operations: Inclusivo, zoe.guru and GC Lifestyle.

Some people sometimes as about the letter V at KVB Group. The V is a double V, reflecting the strong ones hold the others to grow. It is about growth story. It is about inclusion of growth.