Next Leader

The next generation has always special place at KVB. Delivering distinctive experience to them matters. Mentorship is fostered We drive "Leaders create Leaders", making engaged in differentiated new assignments [adventures].

What we do:

- Everyone is a mentor and a mentee.

- We co-build ventures with [the next generation] founders of startups and optimize or incorporate technology in the business models.

- Beyond Workplace, that KVB supports our talents' causes and supports our talents' entrepreneurial endeavor for the purpose of co-driving growth inclusion.

- Being a sector-agnostic, we nurture talents from different backgrounds: sociology, communications, anthropology, criminology, journalism, history and other social sciences. KVB has Next Generation Leaders program therefore leaders create leaders take place.

- We support tech students who want to become tech founders by sharing with about the role of social science in growing ventures.

- We run KVB Journalist Class where we present speakers to speak about new economy related topics.