Welcome to Kennedy Voice & Berliner

As a tech-oriented and purpose-led communications and consulting firm, Kennedy, Voice & Berliner has Grow with Impact as the soul.

Kennedy, Voice was founded on 23 November 2011 as one single Public Relations firm.

As we grow, now we have: KVB Public Relations, KVB Voice of Startups, KVB Digital, KVB Grow (our social cause program) and KVB Community.

We have been delivering stories of enterprises, venture capital firms, tech and non-tech startups, associations, universities and communities. We also work with them under our KVB Grow (our social cause).

We also support Founders. We venture with them.



Our strategy and execution to help clients with their stakeholders outreach in building their brands and reputation for business growth.

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A platform for startups founders to be mentored on building awareness and stories of their startups, also meet angel investors, venture capitalists and fellow founders.

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Our social cause programs that focus on mentorship for university students and startups. Voice of Startups is our approach to mentor startups.

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Our strategy and execution to help clients with building their influence in online and digital platform.

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We venture with founders. We build communities to deliver voices and inspire.

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Join us at
and get engaged in discussions about brands, Public Relations and impacts, with startups communities and Kennedy, Voice & Berliner team.

A platform for startups female founders to be mentored on building awareness and stories of their startups, also meet angel investors, venture capitalists and fellow female founders.

About the Founder

Dian Noeh Abubakar

An entrepreneur with Public Relations experiences at global firms and growth inclusion principle, Dian Noeh Abubakar found Kennedy, Voice & Berliner as a purpose-led communication and consulting firm.

Loving history, agriculture, travel and startups and new economy, Dian created Voice of Startups and has been startups mentor at Jakarta Founder Insitute.

Dian is also active at associations and communities including Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia Heritage Society.


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Menteng, Jakarta

Phone: +6221 223 90 121
Fax: +6221 2947 5681


Samsung Hub
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Our services and investor relations

For queries on our differentiated services and approach, please contact: dian.noeh@kennedyvoice-berliner.com

Jobs and Internship

Experience Grow With Impact through our internship program and by joining our team, by contacting growwithimpact@kennedyvoice-berliner.com

Voice of Startups including Mentorship program for startups

To learn more, please contact: dian.noeh@kennedyvoice-berliner.com

Grow With Impact

We are happy to work together with communities and bloggers from different interests. Please contact growwithimpact@kennedyvoice-berliner.com